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Le Linge in the Alsatian Vosges

Just 5 minutes by car from our 3-star hotel

Peaking at around 1000 m in the Vosges, Le Linge was the site of one of the many battles during the Great War where neither side made any territorial gains, instead incurring countless losses. During the summer and autumn of 1915, the French and Germans launched numerous offensives to try to conquer this strategic point. After numerous assaults and counter-attacks, the result was a stalemate to last the rest of the war, but the combat was one of the deadliest during World War I. The battle cost the lives of 10,000 Frenchmen and 7000 Germans, the majority of whom were between 19 and 20 years old. Classed as a historic monument in 1921, the place fell into disrepair and was practically forgotten about for around 50 years.

In 1967, during a visit to the site, a local historian was moved by the remarks of a former soldier. With tears in his eyes, the old soldier lamented in front of his grandsons that this important site had been left abandoned. This historian set up a team to clear the battlefield and then helped to set up an association with the aim of creating a memorial. Today, the Memorial of Le Linge museum, reachable from the hotel in 5 minutes by car, is one of the most interesting tourist and historical sites. Numerous French and German objects found at the site are exhibited here, including weapons, ammunition, plus personal relics and objects. There are displays of models of French and German soldiers, battlefield models, period photographs, letters written by soldiers and cards featuring tactical missions. Period photographs are also presented in a video projection.

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